Grow Room Activated Carbon Filter For A Whole House

Even with the tremendous progress in national laws around the world, many countries still consider growing cannabis plants illegal and dangerous to human health especially when planted indoors. Cannabis plants may smell nice and provide us with medicinal CBD Oil benefits; however, the smell they create can be a course of concern for neighbors and the local authorities in certain states.

Why use a whole house carbon filter in a grow room?

This is the reason carbon filters are very common for grow rooms. The activated carbon in these filters can absorb odor from the exhaust air. This helps keep your environment safe, smelling nice and keeps the neighbors and law enforcement at bay. The carbon filter will eliminate the smell and airborne pathogens that may harm you or the plant.

To avoid a situation where you rush to buy a filter at the time you are overwhelmed by the smell, consider the following:

– The fan’s cubic feet per minute (CFM) capacity. This is the most commonly used rating found on the fan and indicates the air volume the fan can suck from the chamber in a minute. For a good exhaustion, your fan rating must exceed your space by about 20 to 30 percent.

– Ensure you vacuum the filter before using so as to remove the carbon particles spreading through the whole house and creating a problem.

– Consider a proper fan for your filter. A quality carbon filter is ineffective with a poor quality inline fan

What is the best carbon filter for the whole house (not just the grow room)? This is the question on the minds of many indoor growers. Among the best in the market are the Phresh filters. These are washable polyester filters designed to keep particulate material from getting into the carbon that could result in clogging. Other pulling air through the filters, the Phresh filter can be set so that the fan can pull air from the outside into the room.

Best Carbon Filter for Grow Rooms/House
Phresh 701003

This high-end product with 200 CFM has a lifetime service of more than 2 years. It is a sturdy carbon filter made with high-quality materials and is relatively light in weight. It includes flange and pre-filters and is equipped with an anti-air bypass system to ensure all the air passing through is filtered. There is a large selection to fit various sizes depending on user need. It is recommended for those with a bigger budget and long-term usage.

Phresh 701200

With sound reducing features, this filter is designed to decrease fan noise by up to 50 percent due to the acoustic foam. You can attach a Phresh silencer on one or both sides to achieve maximum noise reduction. Its aluminum body makes the filter very lightweight.

Presh 701005

This filter is available in several sizes to support various applications and whole house sizes. It lasts up to 2 years depending on usage conditions. The filter is very light due to the aluminum top and bottom and easy to install. The Australian carbon makes the filter very efficient and absorbent. They use the purest activated virgin carbon capable of absorbing up to 108.3 percent of their own weight. It keeps 99.9 percent of dust, pollen, mold, and bugs away.


Made of 1050+IAV Australian carbon, the filters efficiently control odor and improves privacy for grow rooms in a domestic setting (using your house). It includes pre-filters and reverses flanges. This product offers a good balance between efficiency and price. The pre-filter prevents excessive dust from clogging the filter. Experience odorless exhaust air for many sessions.

General Carbon Filter features


The Phresh filters are relatively expensive, but you are assured of durability. When used as per the manufacturer’s guidelines, these filters can serve you for more than 2 years, depending on the environment you use them in. They last longer in dry conditions, however, humid environments lower the lifespan of the filter. This is due to the high-quality material used and the pre-filter. Once you buy the filters you can rest easy knowing it will last a long time. The carbon is mined in Australia, where the geological forces have made the carbon very porous for this purpose. The carbon is then packed tightly to ensure no space remains to allow unfiltered air through your house.

Noiseless Silencer

If you want to work with a noiseless unit, then this brand is your best. It is compatible with any 4 inch ducting and reduces noise nuisance in your operating environment. If you have a smaller grow tent, go for Phresh anytime.


These carbon filters are fully recyclable once you have used them. The materials are biodegradable including the aluminum, steel and activated carbon the whole lot can be dumped in the garden without any health risks.

Medical Cannabis and CBD Oil

There is really still so much to learn about medicinal cannabis and CBD oil. Some of the greatest benefits to children and animals with epilepsy.


Best 4 inch carbon filter for grow rooms